Play UP! Improv for Women

Weekly - Begins Tuesday, January 29th from 7pm-9pm

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The Play Up! 6-week Improv course is for women only. We create a safe place to: 

*Explore new ways of communicating
*Better deal with rejection, failure and objections
*Build confidence
*Embrace Spontaneity
*Trust yourself to show up exactly as you are
*Learn the secrets to making your partners, coworkers, clients look brilliant

And best of all ... 
* it’s the best stress buster!

Join us weekly on Tuesdays, beginning January 29th at 7pm in Carmel Valley. (This is held at a private residence. Address will be emailed upon receipt of payment.)

Cost for 6-week Course 
$197 early bird by January 8th, 2019 
$225 After January 5th, 2019

What to bring: 

Please bring a notebook each week. We will debrief after each exercise as you may want to capture the magic with pen and paper. Also, a pair of comfy socks in case you take your shoes off.


Play Up! Improv courses are designed to help women up-level your your game in life and business, while having fun.

More about the course

I believe there are many pathways and keys to success, one of them is harnessing your playfulness.

When we connect and play with others, our brains literally fire off new synapses and experiences an increase in the feel good hormone oxytocin, which in turn fuels creative ideas and solutions.

Play also brings us into the moment, we remember the joy and power of being in the moment, the pleasure of laughter and the amazing friendships that are possible. 

So does play have a place in business? Absolutely!

Wouldn’t you work with clients, colleagues and vendors, you can be your playful self with?

And lastly, play not only is a vital part of success in business and life, it's an essential ingredient to great health and prosperity!