Dear Woman

Dear Woman,
You are magic. 
Your tears filled with fire and light.
Your story quenching the roots of change.
You are what the world needs.
Let's stand and rise 
to the occasion of our dreams
and together, 
set the world ablaze
with the untamed truth of our lives.
Dear woman,
remember her womb from which you were born,
let her blood, sweat and love 
run through you 
like a river
eroding mountains of shame
and transforming the flames of fear 
into smoke and ash
that cover your hands and fill your pen
leaving trails of words and wisdom
not to burn, 
but to gestate our new reality.
Dear Woman,
In the womb of your creativity
What seed do you wish to plant?
What magic do you wish to bring forth?
The air is filled with hope and longing.
Do you feel it? 
Open your bare chest to the suns on a new
As we birth our collective earth. 
Dear Woman. 
You are what the world needs. 
Let's stand and rise, together.