For my beautiful friend, Skyler.

You my dear girl, 

Keep following the invitations of your heart.

Keep saying yes to what speaks to you, motivates you, ignites you 

these are the breadcrumbs of your soul.

Follow where they take you 

And trust you will always have what you need.

You will always be protected and guided.


Even if from time to time

The lights don't shine so bright, 

you can't hear perfectly 

Or see so clearly,


Just put one foot in front of the other

And you my dear will go places 

Some never dare.

Somewhere among the stars you will land,

though it's not the landing you long for.

I know.

It's the blast off and the adventure

Of everyday that sustains your wild soul.


Share your dreams from a cloud or a stage,

 It is your words, your presence and your heart

that has more power than a 1,000 armies.