Dear Woman

Dear Woman,
You are magic. 
Your tears filled with fire and light.
Your story quenching the roots of change.
You are what the world needs.
Let's stand and rise 
to the occasion of our dreams
and together, 
set the world ablaze
with the untamed truth of our lives.
Dear woman,
remember her womb from which you were born,
let her blood, sweat and love 
run through you 
like a river
eroding mountains of shame
and transforming the flames of fear 
into smoke and ash
that cover your hands and fill your pen
leaving trails of words and wisdom
not to burn, 
but to gestate our new reality.
Dear Woman,
In the womb of your creativity
What seed do you wish to plant?
What magic do you wish to bring forth?
The air is filled with hope and longing.
Do you feel it? 
Open your bare chest to the suns on a new
As we birth our collective earth. 
Dear Woman. 
You are what the world needs. 
Let's stand and rise, together.

When I was afraid

When I was afraid, 
I lay in the dark quivering in fear
wishing I was anywhere but here.
It's dark and cold and everyone is asleep
and I try my hardest to not cry
so I cover my head with my sleeping bag
and still the hot tears pour 
soaking the dark green flannel. 
In a weak moment, I hear myself call out 
and you come close. In that tone, you tell me to pray
for the demons I must have summoned
can be demolished with holy water and mantras
and I want relief so bad, so I let you splash 
god's remedy across my tiny body 
and I chant until I slowly surrender and curl up 
to mantras in the dark.

Tonight, bare-breasted under the light of the moon
I feel afraid. 
I wonder when my body will heal. 
If it will heal. 
If I'm strong enough to stand up to these invisible invaders. 
It crosses my mind, perhaps I haven't prayed enough,
maybe it's because I haven't been grateful enough
I'm chastising myself for not doing enough. For not being enough.

So I take a bath. Attempting to wash away my not-enoughness, praying for redemption of some kind, any kind, that restores me back to a self that feels strong and vibrant again.

I realize I'm doing exactly what you did to me. I'm being hard on me for feeling vulnerable, afraid, for wanting something better. Then I remember.

I remember in those moments, all little self need(ed) is love.

So I tell her tonight everything she needs to hear.
No matter how long the light is low,
I will be here with you, by your side.

I will not abandon you, not in the light or the dark. 
I will stay by your side even in pools of tears.

I am your shelter, your refuge, your sanctuary.

When you are afraid,
covered in darkness 
shadows flitting across your mind
I will hold you closer 
chanting only this sacred mantra:
I Love You. 
I Love You. 
I Love You.

And that will be enough for us both.

(Conversations with little self)

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Songs of the Sovereign Soul

One day she woke up.
In her gut, 
knew she deserved better.

 She remembered
Everything is possible.

So she put on her feather earrings
And her tassel-toed sandals.
She wore her hair down
And painted her nails red.
She wore a flowing shirt and let her

Goddess given breasts
bask in the light of the sun.
Her eyes sparkled even in the shadows
As she took her place among the wild women...
Of her past, her future, her present.

Then she fully embraced her
SMALL self
MAD self
CRAZY self
LOUD self
MESSY self
REBEL self

And all the other parts that didn't feel good enough,

Pretty enough, smart enough, capable enough...

She wrapped her arms around them all and said "come home, loves. come home.".

And so they did.

She remembered her wholeness, her completeness and her value.

Not to be shaken or stirred or iced over again.

And every now and again, when old buddy Doubt showed up she simply loved her and sent her on her way...Doubt leaving nothing but a poof like a fart disappearing into thin air.

Then she flew as far as she dreamed. And loved as deep as she longed.

She laughed till it echoed throughout all the worlds.

She danced with the goddesses who birthed her

Through their bodies, hearts and spirits.

As they sang the songs of their sovereign souls.