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Me in a nutshell

Professionally,  I am a Speaker, Writer and Experiential Mindset Training & Consultant.

Personally, I am a mother, sister, daughter, friend and fur-mom.

Spiritually, I believe in love, goodness and aliens.

Politically, I believe in progress, equality and fairness.

Comedically, I say the bolder, sillier, the better!  I take my life as seriously as I take good humour.  I also teach improv for personal and professional development, so it’s kind of a thing.

A little more…

Coffee makes me crazy. Hot yoga saved my life. I've seen ghosts. Laughter makes everything better.  Kindness is easy.  Animals are my friends. The earth is round. I’m not sure what’s nuttier, baklava or me.

My Story

i grew up in a hare krishna ashram from 1973 to 1984.  Raised primarily by social drop-outs who fled their own strict religious childhoods only to dive into a cultural abyss of outdated beliefs and customs. The environment was overwhelmingly disparaging to women at an utterly gross level.

I learned early on to guard myself, to call out hypocrisy and to advocate for myself, my little brother and my friends.

my story follows on these pages with more to come. For now, please read the section “The Book” for a collection of stories and poetry”.

I update as I feel inspired.

Thank you for reading my work.