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Me in a nutshell

Professionally,  I am a Speaker and empower women business owners how to allow more joy, less stress in their lives and business through improvisation. I also get to develop and facilitate programs on mindset mastery.

Personally, I am a mother, sister, daughter, friend and fur-mom.

Spiritually, I believe in love, goodness and aliens.

Politically, I believe in progress, equality and fairness.

Comedically, I say the bolder, sillier, the better!  I take my life as seriously as I take good humour.  I also teach improv for personal and professional development, so it’s kind of a thing.

A little more…

Coffee makes me crazy. Hot yoga saved my life. I've seen ghosts. Laughter makes everything better.  Kindness is easy.  Animals are my friends. I believe the earth is round.